The Asian League of institutes of the Arts, is dedicated to cultivating outstanding professional artists who will contribute to building a better future for the world, through innovative and systematic programs in arts education.


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Vision of ALIA

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Asian values History Cultures

ALIA intends to bolster pride in ‘Asian values, history, and cultures’ and improve the cultural position of Asian
arts and arts education by promoting communication and sharing between Asian countries through cooperation with regard to arts education. With this goal in mind, the mission of ALIA is ‘arts education for a better world’.
It will focus on social and human values, and create, devise and uncover out new roles for the arts which can
contribute to such values.

Arts education for a better world

ALIA will endeavor to promote understanding of a variety of life values and
histories through art and arts education, promote the dissemination of the arts and arts education, and make a better world.