The Asian League of institutes of the Arts, is dedicated to cultivating outstanding professional artists who will contribute to building a better future for the world, through innovative and systematic programs in arts education.


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ALIA holds Biennial International Conference.

  • Vitalization of exchanges between students, faculties and young artists. (e.g. credit, degree, research, performance, exhibition, and etc.)
  • Planning and implementation of projects for exchanges and cooperation with regional and international communities related to culture and art.
  • Share in the best practices of overseas arts education and programs, and systematic planning of applications.
  • Share in and gain an understanding of the current status of worldwide arts education ← to hold international exchanges for art activities and young artists forums on a regular basis.

To introduce and apply overseas best practices for arts education and disseminate the results to
domestic arts educating fields.

  • To build knowledge, information, networks, and infrastructures related to the world’s arts
    educating fields.
  • To create a new concept in the international arts educating field to cultivate art-related manpower
    worldwide and create jobs for students of the member institutes by securing their overseas
  • To promote more sharing and communication regarding Korean culture, disciplines, arts, and
  • To develop a global culture and arts educating places and contents.
  • To coordinate and merge communications, promote synergy-boosting group education and
    creative education.
  • To substantially support mutual benchmarking for good curricula, and projects for more
  • To develop arts education around the world and promote communications between art colleges,
    and improve the arts educating environment of developing countries.