The Asian League of institutes of the Arts, is dedicated to cultivating outstanding professional artists who will contribute to building a better future for the world, through innovative and systematic programs in arts education.


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ELIA(European League of Institutes of the Arts)

ELIA is a European organization for higher arts education comprising 350 member institutes of
45 countries. It was established in 1990, and carries out various activities including exchanges
between art educators, administrators, and students, arts events and publications.

ALIA has made the Memorandum of Cooperation partnership with ELIA in 2013 "to further define and enhance the working relationship between ELIA and ALIA in support of the joint resolution of both Boards and Executive Committees through information exchange, cooperation and/or collaboration.

In the promotion and development of Higher Education in the Arts globally,
ALIA and ELIA have agreed for
- Regular Exchange of Information
- Member's participation in each other's activities
- Joint Event and Engagement in Joint projects, etc

The need for a ALIA - ELIA network

Marking the 20th anniversary of its foundation, Korea National University of Arts co-hosted
an international symposium with ELIA, where major officials from European and Asian art colleges
and institutes participated in 2012. Through this, the university laid the groundwork for a world-class
arts institute and at the same time, shared the best practices for arts education in European and Asian art colleges and built up the foundation for exchanges and cooperation. Among the Asian countries,
Korea National University of Arts was the first to co-host an international symposium with ELIA,
which is representative of 350 art colleges and educational institutions in 47 countries. With this acting as an impetus, it is expected that art colleges in Asian countries will learn from ELIA’s long experience and
achievements and commence various cooperative initiatives between arts institutes.