The Asian League of institutes of the Arts, is dedicated to cultivating outstanding professional artists who will contribute to building a better future for the world, through innovative and systematic programs in arts education.


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The Arts-Leadership Symposium
Provides opportunities to understand and discuss various issues in
modern societies that people are facing through arts and is especially aimed at those who will be active in politics, the economy, and
societies of Asian countries.
Representatives from ALIA member institutes discuss measures to
develop art schools in Asia.

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The Teachers & Researchers' Forum
Provides teachers, professors, and researchers of art schools with
opportunities to present and discuss various issues related to arts
education and arts research in Asia.

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Student Exchange & Projects
Supports students’ art projects; develops and supports student
exchange programs and joint art-making projects between institutes and merging of art creation projects between different genres of arts.

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ALIA Arts Festival(AAF)
Holds art festival for the exhibition, performance and screening of artworks byundergraduates and graduates of ALIA member institutes,
and selects and awards the best works.
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