The Asian League of institutes of the Arts, is dedicated to cultivating outstanding professional artists who will contribute to building a better future for the world, through innovative and systematic programs in arts education.


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8th NEU NOW Festival 14-18 September 2016 Amsterdam
Nation ELIA
Writer ALIA
Date 2015-12-22 17:21:30 Hits 4417



ELIA's 8th NEU NOW Festival 14-18 September 2016
Please click
here to find out more details.

We are also delighted to announce

Prof. Aiko Hirai, Kyoto University of Art and Design (see her profile)

Prof. Chu Teh-I, Taipei National University of the Arts (
see his profile)

are accepted as ALIA representatives for the NEU NOW jury. 


  • an online and a live event that promotes artistic excellence through cutting edge presentations and activities featuring artwork across a wide range of disciplines;
  • an opportunity for selected emerging artists to show their work, meet each other, and create new international partnerships;
  • a space where informed audiences, producers, and curators can see excellent artists and innovative projects coming from art schools and universities across diverse geographies;
  • a forum where artists, producers, curators, cultural operators, and policy makers can discuss future developments in the arts and share views on the cultural role of higher arts education institutions;
  • a means of bringing a new generation of upcoming artists to the attention of an international audience.