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Nation Taiwan
Writer ALIA
Date 2016-08-08 14:58:36 Hits 3902



Since its launch in 2005, World Stage Design has attracted thousands of visitors and participants from across the globe. World Stage Design is a four-yearly event which provides attendees and participants with a much anticipated opportunity to experience an inspiring programme of theatre design, performances, workshops, seminars and thought-provoking exhibitions.

World Stage Design (WSD) is the first and only designer-based exhibition to showcase and celebrate theatre designs from individual designers. Held every four years, the first World Stage Design was mounted in Toronto, Canada, in 2005. The event was inaugurated to celebrate designs around the globe, and is in two-year intervals with the Prague Quadrennial. Recognizing the growing amount of remarkable designs each year in each territory, World Stage Design focuses on the work of the individual designer in contrast to the designs at the Prague event, which are selected by curators of each nation, and are exhibited as representative of the nations concerned. World Stage Design has now travelled to four cities, Toronto, Canada (2005), Seoul, South Korea (2009), and Cardiff, UK (2013). The 2017 World Stage Design will be held in Taipei, Taiwan.


The WSD2017 Exhibition will be divided into two sections, the WSD2017 Exhibition for Professional Designers, and the WSD2017 Exhibition for Emerging Designers.

Please click here to see information on application, criteria, categories, important dates and more. All prospective exhibitors must apply online  between 15 June and 15 September 2016!



Leaders will be assembled to deliver a series of engaging and interactive activities comprising of master-classes, seminars, and performances exploring all aspects of performance and theatre design.
It is also offering an opportunity to bring your performance to WSD2017, to be presented between 1 - 9 July, 2017 at Taipei National University of the Arts in Taipei, Taiwan.
Please click here to see performance submission details and here to all registration (free) and ticketing for Performances, Keynotes, Talk & Workshop! 



World Stage Design 2017 will take place on the campus of Taipei National University of the Arts. TNUA lies on a hill slope overlooking the spectacular Kaundu Plain and its open space plan encourages more interaction with the local community. TNUA provides a wide range of facilities and support to host WSD2017, including Kuandu Museum of Fine Art, Experimental Theatre, Dance Theatre, Lotus Pond Stage, and International Conference Hall and so on. For more information, please visit here or TNUA website.