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Prof. Yang Presides over ALIA Board Meeting in Mongolia and Signs Pact with MSUAC
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Writer ALIA
Date 2016-08-09 12:07:35 Hits 3007


group photo
meeting photo

TNUA President Prof. Yang Chyi Wen, as chairperson of the Asia League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA), presided over the ALIA Mongolia Board Meeting 2016 on July 10.
The meeting brought together ALIA’s vice chairpersons from the Korea National University of Arts (K-Arts) and Kyoto University of Art and Design, as well as auditors from the Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture (MSUAC), Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and the Lasalle College of the Arts. 

At the meeting, they discussed ALIA’s operations, exchange between its members and matters concerning the next General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey. The meeting made proposals concerning an expansion of the number of ALIA board members and auditors, and the way they will be selected. 

The board meeting also confirmed the editorial framework and progress of the ALIA publication, “Art and Peace.” 

During his stay in Mongolia, Prof. Yang and MSUAC Rector Prof. Sonintogos Erdenetsogt signed an agreement for the two universities to become sister schools.
The two universities look forward to more developments and possibilities for exchange activities and cooperation in arranging educational forums and experimental art projects. 

The TNUA delegation to Mongolia included Vice President Prof. Chang Chung-Shiuan, Dean of Academic Affairs Prof. Liu His-Chuan, Dean of Research and Development Lin Shaw-Ren, and Dean of General Affairs Prof Chen Yue-Hung. 

The signing of the agreement was also witnessed by Mr. Huang Kuo-jung, representative of the Taipei Trade and Economic Office in Ulaanbaatar.
Caption: TNUA President Prof. Yang Chyi Wen (front row, fifth from right) poses for a group picture with others after presiding over the ALIA Mongolia Board Meeting 2016 on July 10.

Caption: Six ALIA Board representatives (front row) at the meeting venue. 

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