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TNUA Hosts ALIA 2015 Board Meeting
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Date 2015-12-18 17:27:42 Hits 3070


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TNUA hosted the board meeting of the Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA) on 12 December. More than 20 participants representing ALIA members from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Mongolia and Singapore attended the meeting to discuss various issues concerning the development of the organization.

Apart from TNUA President Yang Chyi Wen, who is currently chairperson of ALIA, the others who attended the meeting included: the Kyoto University of Art and Design’s Vice President Prof. Tatsuo Miyajima and its director for international affairs, Prof. Aiko Hirai; the Korea National University of Arts’ President Prof. Kim Bongryol and Vice President Prof. Kim Kyungkyun; Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University’s Rector Prof.  YalçinKarayağiz and Vice Rector Prof. SüreyyaKayhan Ülker; Prof. Uranchimeg Dorjsuren from the Mongolia State University of Arts and Culture; and the Lasalle College of the Arts’ Senior Fellow Aubrey Mellor from Singapore.

TNUA Vice President Prof. Chang Chung Shiuan and other administrators also attended the meeting. Prof. Chang has just returned from Cape Town, South Africa, where she partook in ELIA’s 7th Leadership Symposium, 1-4 December, 2015. While in Cape Town, Prof. Chang met ELIA Executive Director, Carla Delfos and two Vice Presidents, Thera Jonker and Paula Crabtree to confer on the ELIA-ALIA collaboration – 8th NEU NOW Festival taking place from 14-18 September 2016 at the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She also brought the information onto the board meeting table.
Prof. Yang was elected as chairperson of ALIA during its board meeting and symposium held at TNUA in October 2014. Since then, TNUA has been keenly promoting ALIA’s development, increasing exchanges between members and expanding its memberships.
At the latest board meeting, Prof. Yang noted that since its founding in 2012, ALIA has been growing towards becoming a major international organization. It has redefined the role or art and has been working towards building a global cross-boundary network founded on art and culture.
In order to promote long-term and healthy development of the organization, the board meeting discussed matters concerning ALIA’s management, cooperation between members, and regional exchanges.
One of the decisions made at the meeting was that ALIA members will jointly publish a common textbook with “Art and Peace” as its theme in 2018. Prof. Masuru Tanaka (photograph & video artist) from the Kyoto University of Art and Design will be in charge of the textbook project. In 2005 and 2008, he respectively co-exhibited “Peace’s New Century Project in Hatsukaichi
” and AGAINST NUCLEAR ARMS” in United Nations Headquarters. (Click here to see the covers of the publications)   


The meeting also set ALIA’s calendar for 2016: the ALIA 2016 Symposium in Kuala Lumpur is in March; the next board meeting takes place in Mongolia in July; and the ALIA 2016 General Assembly in Istanbul, Turkey is held in October along with the ALIA-ELIA Joint Meeting.

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Caption: TNUA President Prof. Yang Chyi Wen (second right) and representatives to the ALIA board meeting held at TNUA on 12 December.

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