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TNUA President Elected to Second Terms as ALIA Chairperson at Extraordinary General Assembly
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Date 2017-01-09 11:32:32 Hits 3564


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TNUA hosted the “Asian Wings – Leaders’ Summit for Higher Education in Arts” and the “2016 ALIA Extraordinary General Assembly in Taipei” from December 19 to 21, during which TNUA President Prof. Yang Chyi Wen was elected to a second term as chairperson of ALIA (Asian League of Institutes of the Arts).
“Asian Wings” was a summit linking Taiwan’s arts institutions with their counterparts in Southeast Asia and members of ALIA. The summit explored issues such as the rediscovery of traditional art and new trends of arts education.
Representatives from non-ALIA members also attended the ALIA Extraordinary General Assembly as observers.
More than 30 arts institutions from Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Brunei, Myanmar, Nepal, Singapore, Turkey, Japan, Kore, Australia, Mongolia, Hong Kong and Taiwan took part in the summit.
Their discussions covered a wide range of areas, including music, fine arts, theatre, dance, film, new media, animation and culture resources.
“Asia, as an economic and cultural region, covers a vast area with huge variety. There are emerging industrial countries that create economic miracles and also countries rich in natural resources,” wrote Education Minister Wen Chung Pan in a message to the summit.
“Hence, we are pleased that Taipei National University of the Arts, taking into account its own distinct features, is taking the lead in a league of higher education based in Asia, which builds a solid network for exchange and contribute to the mutual understandings of various cultures for the nations in the region,” Mr. Pan added.
“Today, as Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA) is hosting a Leader’s Summit in Taiwan, I am convinced that it shall boost our understanding and knowledge toward the culture as well as the art in Southeast Asia and further strengthen Asia as a cultural, economic entity,” the minister stressed. 
In his welcoming message, Prof. Yang wrote: “Asia is a region of multiple ethnicities with abundant cultures and civilizations. There are, however, still considerable cultural resources of art, isolated due to remote locations, waiting to be understood and appreciated. Through the joint efforts of the members of Asian League of Institutes of the Arts (ALIA), we shall collaboratively serve the greatest well-being of the human race.” 
“I hope, with the concerted efforts of ALIA, we shall continue to increase the opportunities for learning and knowledge exchanges via mutual participation in the days to come, so as to achieve a peaceful world that promotes culture, humanity and the joy of sharing with all,” Prof. Yang added. 

Apart from electing Prof. Yang to a second term as ALIA’s chairperson, the ALIA Extraordinary General Assembly also decided to expand the number of university representatives on ALIA’s board from six to seven. 
TNUA, Korea National University of Arts (new Auditor), Kyoto University of Art and Design (new Vice Chairperson) and Mongolia State University of Arts and Culture (new Vice Chairperson) remain in the ALIA board as permanent members, while Singapore's Lasalle College of the Arts (new Auditorand Turkey's Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (new Auditor) were elected as new members of the board.



Caption: Participants of “Asian Wings – Leaders’ Summit for Higher Education in Arts” pose for a picture

Caption: Extraordinary General Assembly with Non-ALIA Attendees

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